• Nikk Mole Eyebrow Fixing Gel

How to keep your eyebrows flawless all day long? What to do if the eyebrow hairs are ugly? What product to choose for eyebrow styling? If you are interested in at least one of these questions, then you need to buy eyebrow gel from Nikk Mole.

This is an effective solution to the unpleasant problems that many girls face on a daily basis. A lightweight, translucent brow gel helps set makeup discreetly and style unruly hairs neatly and naturally.

Nikk Mole Gel has the following characteristics:

absolute transparency; light texture, visually invisible on the eyebrows; fortified formula (vitamins A, B, C and E); neutral odor; transparent packaging with which it is easy to control the amount of the product inside; convenient brush-brush for application in the set. : how to use?

The use of such cosmetics is not much different from the use of mascara familiar to everyone. The tool just needs to be distributed over the hairs, combing them. Thanks to the dispenser built into the neck of the tube, you take out a brush with a small amount of gel, which is enough to tidy up your eyebrows. If you have very thick and unruly eyebrows, the procedure with applying the gel can be repeated - due to its transparency, it will still remain invisible to others.

In order for the product to serve you as long as possible, do not leave the tube unclosed, as it will dry out from prolonged contact with oxygen.

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Nikk Mole Eyebrow Fixing Gel

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